We provide wholesale financial solutions across multiple jurisdictions. Our trusted Clients are individuals that require more advanced financial services than what can be offered by the retail banks.

Private Treasury Clients

We speak your language, we understand that time is money and that properly managing your resources is the difference between just staying good or moving up to become an international superstar.

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Private Business Clients

Simplifying complexity in finance doesn’t seem to be getting any easier these days. You can trust the international standardization of the Treasury Exchange® platform to empower your business.

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Recipient Clearance

As a trusted master in your field, it only makes sense to think ahead and let your wholesale buyers know that you are already a private wholesale Client at the Treasury Exchange® ready to accept.

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We are up front with you that we will need extra documentation from you and your business and will be able to tell quickly on what type of services we can and can not do for you. This extra documentation helps our transfer and payment wizard see ahead of the curve for both of us. Our private proprietary software is able to notify us in advance of potential problems that your wholesale financial instruments may have – before you put the payment at risk.


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